1. ash, ashes Iconspeaker_3 Aswolk

[de as, de as-sen]

The grayish-white to black powdery residue left when something
is burned, is called "as". "As" has no plural form, so both ash and ashes translate to "as".

– "Pas op met die peuk, de as valt op de vloerbedekking." 
("Watch out with that cigarette, the ash is dropping on the carpet.")

– "De vulkaan in IJsland heeft een enorme wolk van as de dampkring ingestoten." 
("The Iceland volcano has thrust a huge cloud of ash into the atmosphere.")


"In de as leggen": (lit.: to lay in the ash) to reduce to ashes.

Related words:
Peuk: smoke, fag, cig(arette) [noun] [de peuk, de peuken].
Asbak: ash tray [noun] [de asbak, de asbakken].

– "Schat
heb je weer gerookt? Je ruikt naar asbak…"
("Baby have you been
smoking again? You smell like an ashtray…") 

– Assepoester: Cinderella [noun] [de Assepoester, de Assepoesters], see Extra.

In Dutch, Cinderella is called Assepoester. She’s called "assepoester" because – forced by the wicked stepmother and her daughters – she’s had to do a lot of dirty shores, such as lighting the fireplace, which made her have a lot of ash stains on her face and clothes. "Poester" is probably derived from or a corruption of "poetsen": to clean. So literally "Assepoester" would be "ash cleaning woman"…

2. axis Iconspeaker_3
[de as, de as-sen]

An "as" is also an axis. In this case, "as" has a plural form: "assen".Xyas

– "De as van het kwaad bestaat uit een aantal schurkenstaten." 
("The axis of evil consists of a number of rogue states.")

– "De aarde draait in 24 uur om zijn as." 
("The earth revolves on its axis in 24 hours.")

– "Tijd staat op de x-as, winst op de y-as." 
("Time is on the x-axis, profit on the y-axis.")

Related words:
– Spil: pivot [noun] [de spil, de spillen].

3. A flat Iconspeaker_3
[de as, de as-sen]

"As" is also a musical note or key. As

– "Chopins wals in As Groot is niet erg makkelijk om te spelen." 
("Chopin’s waltz in A-flat major is not very easy to play.")

– "Chopin stond erom bekend dat hij veel stukken in as groot componeerde."
("Chopin was known for composing a lot of pieces in A-flat major.")


"Een gevoelig snaar raken": to touch (upon) a tender string, to strike a sensitive chord.

– "Heb je hem al gevraagd of hij wil trouwen?"
– "Nee, dat raakt een gevoelige snaar…"

("Have you already asked him if he wants to get
married?" – "No, that touches upon a tender string…")

Related words:
– Toonladder: scale [noun] [de toonladder, de toonladders].
– Noot: note, key [noun] [de noot, de noten].
La: <musical note> la [noun] [de la, de la’s].

– "Do – re – mi – fa – sol – la – si – do!"
("Do – re – mi – fa – sol
– la – ti – do!" Note that the "si" is not a typo!) 

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  1. @Liam
    you’re right, also Vandale gives the plural form “assen” (ashes). I’ve corrected the post.
    Thnx, Marc

  2. @Marc, I think you should correct it again as ‘As’ for ‘Ash’ does really not have a plural. The form ‘Assen’ is the plural of ‘As’ when it means ‘Axle’.

  3. In any case it’s worth pointing out that we never use the plural of “as” in its meaning of “ash/ashes”; it is always just “as”.

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