1. fag, smoke, cig(arette) [noun] [de peuk, de peuken] [‘peuk‘]

“Peuk” is a popular synonym for cigarette. It is always used informally. The original translation of “peuk”, see 2. below, is also common.

– “Heb je een euro voor me? Ik wil peuken halen bij het café op de hoek van de straat.”
(“Do you have a euro (for me)? I want to get cigarettes in the bar at the corner of the street.”)

– “Kan ik een peuk van je bietsen?”
(“Can you spare me a fag? / Can I have a smoke from you?” Literally: “Can I bum/scrounge a fag of you?”)

– “Op de grond ligt een tapijt van peuken.”
(“A carpet of (cigarette) butts lies on the floor.” See Extra below.)

Related words:
– “Sigaret”: cigarette.
– “Een pakje peuken”: a pack of smokes/fags.
– “Aansteker“: lighter.
– “Opsteken”: to light (up).

2. butt, stub [noun] [de peuk, de peuken] [‘peuk‘]

– “Na de lunchpauze liggen er buiten overal peuken op de grond.”
(“After the lunchbreak, there are (cigarette) butts all over the place outside.” Lit. “… lie all over the place…”)

– “In het studentenhuis hing een stank van peuken en verschaald bier.”
(“In the students’ house there was a stench of fags and stale beer.” Lit.: “…there hung a stench…”)

From 1990 to 2005, the show “Jiskefet” was broadcast on the Dutch television. It was a show with various humoristic and absurdistic sketches. One of the recurring sketches was three snob students bragging about drinking beer and shagging women. In one episode, there’s the song “Er zit een haar in m’n glas (start 1.45)” (there’s a hair in my glass), which also contains the line: “op de grond ligt een tapijt van peuken” (on the floor lies a carpet of (cigarette) butts).

The diminutive of “peuk” is “peukje” and the informal diminutive is “peukie”. There is a beach restaurant/bar in Scheveningen that is called “peukie”: . They apparantly also claim to be a steakhouse 🙂


2 thoughts on “Peuk

  1. As a smoker of hand rolled cigarettes I have often appreciated the opportunity it offers to offer attractive women a ‘shaggy’.

  2. Unfortunately the pun does not translate in Dutch 🙂 In fact, Dutch people will pronounce “shag” with a “k” and hence it will sound more like “sjekkie” 🙂
    Example: “Kun je voor mij een sjekkie draaien?”
    (“Can you roll a “sjekkie” for me?”)

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