284. Blut

broke, out of money [adjective] [‘blut‘]

"Blut" is used to say informally that you are out of money. It can be used for both a temporary and more permanent state of being broke.

– "Kun jij je zus geld lenen? Ze is weer eens blut."
("Can you lend your sister (some) money? Once again she is broke.")

– "Heb jij nog flappen? Ik ben blut."
("Do you have money left? I’m broke.")

– "Meestal ben ik blut ruim voor het einde van de maand…"
("Usually I’m broke way before the end of the month…")

– "Volkomen blut": flat broke. Literally "completely broke".
– "Iemand blut spelen": to clean someone out.

– "Ik ben gisteren blut gespeeld aan de blackjacktafel."
("I was cleaned out yesterday at the blackjack table.")

Related words:
– "Platzak": this is a synonym for "blut" and literally means "flat pocket".
– "Arm": poor.