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[de slaap-ka-mer, de slaap-ka-mers]

bedroom-389254_640“Slaapkamer” is composed of “slaap” and “kamer”, which respectively translate to “sleep” and “room”. Hence literally, “slaapkamer” would translate to “sleep room”: a bedroom.

Check out the common bed sizes used in Dutch bedrooms here: DWOTD “Bed“.

– “Waar is de kleine Max?” – “In zijn slaapkamer. Hij was uitgeput van het schoolreisje.” 
(“Where’s little Max?” – “In his bedroom. He was exhausted from the school trip.”)

– “Wat een lelijk behang in de slaapkamer…” – “Dat valt wel mee, toch?” 
(“The wallpaper in the bedroom is ugly…” – “It isn’t that bad, is it?”)

– “Frank! Heb jij stiekem zitten roken in de slaapkamer??” 
(“Frank! Have you been smoking secretly in the bedroom??”)


Met het verkeerde been uit bed stappen“: to wake/get up on the wrong side of the bed.

Related words:
Bed: [noun] [het bed, de bedden].
Droom: dream [noun] [de droom, de dromen].

– “Ik heb een droom dat op een dag dit land zal verrijzen en zal leven naar de ware betekenis van haar credo.”
(“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed.”)

Gapen: to yawn [verb] [gapen, gaapte, h. gegaapt].
Slaapverwekkend: mind-numbing, sleep-inducing, soporific [adjective].

In some old Dutch houses and farms you may find something called a “bedstede” or “bedstee”. A  “bedstee” is a more or less a compartment where you can sleep, integrated in the wall, in the form of a cupboard, closeable with doors or curtains for privacy. “Bedstedes” were used a lot up until the 19th century, particularly in farms at the countryside. (From: Wikipedia)

3 thoughts on “Slaapkamer

  1. These “bedstedes” look really great! I want one in my house.
    And in English we have the word “bedstead” which is the frame of the bed, i.e. not including the mattress. I discover that the origin of this word is the Middle English “bedstede”. Who’d have thought it?

  2. Nice to read in your blog about dutch ‘bedstedes’. I’m from Holland and my grandmother has slept in such bed. But now we are a little bit taller. I can only sleep in a 2.20 meter bed…

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