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4daagse "Vermoeiend" is related to "moe": tired. The verb is "vermoeien": to tire (out), to fatigue. You can also use "vermoeiend" when something is mentally tiring, i.e. tiresome, numbing, boring etc.

– "Hoe was de vergadering?" – "O, je wilt het niet weten, zó vermoeiend!" 
("How was the (work) meeting?" – "Oh, you don't want to know, so tiresome!")

– "Ik vermoei me niet met dat soort ellenlange verhalen; ik ga liever naar de film!" 
("I don't wear myself out with such neverending stories; I'd rather go to the movies!")

– "De deelname aan de Nijmeegse Vierdaagse is vermoeiend, maar zeker ook bevredigend, tenminste, als je de finish haalt :-)" 
("Participation to the "Nijmeegse Vierdaagse" is tiring, but certainly also gratifying, if you reach the finish line that is :-)")

– "Houdt dat mens nooit op met praten, dit is zo vermoeiend!" 
("Will that woman never stop talking, this is so tiresome!" Note the use of "dat mens": derogatory for "that woman" although "mens" translates as 'human' in general.)

Related words:
– Afmatten: to tire out, to fatigue [verb] [matte af, afgemat]. "Afmatten" is more tiring than "vermoeien" 🙂
– Afmattend: tiring, knackering [adjective].
– Moe: tired [adjective].
Uitgeput: exhausted [adjective].