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Razend "Razend" is derived from the verb "razen": to rage, thunder, storm; both used for natural phenomena and angry people :-) The other translation is "to race, hurl, rush" and "razend" takes on a different meaning, more like "very, huge" of which I also give a few common examples below.

– "Man, ik zweer het je, ik was razend, echt waar. Het kan toch niet zo zijn dat een pinautomaat zomaar je pas inslikt?!" 
("Man, I swear, I was furious (with rage), really I was. It can't possibly be the case that a cash machine swallows your (bank) card just like that?!")

– "De vrouw was razend op haar vriend toen hij het contact verbrak." 
("The woman was furious with her boyfriend when he broke off contact.")

– "Was je vader boos toen je te laat thuis was?" – "Boos? Hij was razend!!" 
("Was your father angry when you came home too late?" – "Angry? He was fuming!!")

– "Ga je mee lunchen bij Simonis?" – "Ik ben bang van niet, ik heb het echt razend druk." 
("Are you joing us/me for lunch at Simonis?" – "I'm afraid not, I'm really incredibly busy.")

– "Het schrijven van een goede DWOTD kan razend veel tijd kosten." 
("Writing a good DWOTD can consume a huge amount of time.")

– "We hebben onze koffers in een razend tempo ingepakt en zijn direct vertrokken naar de zon!" 
("We packed our suitcases really really quickly and took off to a sunny destination immediately!" Note that unless you are an astronaut you can use the expression "vertrekken naar de zon" when leaving for a sunny destination (as opposed to the sun itself 😉 ).)

Related words:
– Razendsnel: very very fast [adverb/adjective].
– Razernij: rage, frenzy [noun] [de razernij, de razernijen].