Dat zal wel loslopen

that/it will be alright, not to worry Iconspeaker_3
[Dutch phrase of the week]
[dat zal wel los-lo-pen]

Dat_zal_wel_loslopen "Loslopen" means "to walk about (freely)". It can also be used for stray cattle, free running dogs and criminals at large. Strangely enough today's phrase seems to say you don't have to worry in any of those cases 🙂

You may also hear "het zal wel loslopen" and "dat/het loopt wel los".

Don't confuse today's phrase with "te gek om los te lopen".

– "Ik maak me zorgen, Alicia is nog steeds niet thuis!" – "O, ze is een zelfstandige meid, dat zal wel loslopen!" 
("I'm worried, Alicia is still not home!" – "Oh well, she is an independent young woman, not to worry!")

– "We moeten opschieten, ik sta dubbel geparkeerd." – "Dat zal wel loslopen, er is hier amper verkeer." 
("We have to hurry up, I'm double-parked." – "It will be alright, there is hardly any traffic here.")

– "Ik ben toch een beetje bang van die loslopende dieren." – "Ach, die dieren zijn mensen gewend, dat zal wel loslopen!" 
("I have to admit these free-ranging animals scare me." – "Oh, those animals are used to people, don't worry about it.")

– "Op het nieuws zeiden ze dat het allemaal wel los zou lopen, maar moet je kijken, er staat een file van hier tot Tokio!" 
("They said on the news they didn't expect any problems, but look at that, there is an enormous traffic jam!")

Related words:
– Los: loose, detached [adjective].
– Lopen: to walk [verb] [liep, gelopen].
– Zich zorgen maken: to worry [verb, reflexive] [maakte zich zorgen, heeft zich zorgen gemaakt].
Meevallen: to turn out better than expected, to exceed one's expectations [verb] [viel mee, meegevallen].