to get used to, to grow accustomed to, to acclimatize  Iconspeaker_3
[wen-de, ge-wend]

"Wennen" is related to getting used to something new, e.g. new
surroundings, new people, a new job. "Wennen" is usually followed by
the preposition "aan" (getting used to something). Don’t mix it up with "wenden" (wendde, gewend), which means "to turn".

– "Ik kan maar niet wennen aan het weer in Nederland; het lijkt zes maanden per jaar te miezeren." 
("I just can’t get used to the weather in the Netherlands; it seems to drizzle for six months a year.")

– "Zij is het gewend om ‘s ochtends koffie te drinken; zonder koffie heeft ze een enorm ochtendhumeur."  ("It’s her habit to drink coffee in the morning; without coffee she is in a very bad morning mood.")

– "En, ben je al een beetje gewend aan je nieuwe baan?"  Wennen_3

("So, have you grown accustomed to your new job yet?")

– "Het is wel even wennen dat je nu geen auto meer hebt en het openbaar vervoer moet nemen, niet?"
-"Ach, alles went".

must be quite a change now that you no longer have a car and have to
use public transport, isn’t it?" – "Well, you can get used to

– "Alles went behalve een vent": you can get used to anything except for a man.

Related words:
– Wenden: to turn [verb] [wendde, gewend].
– Zich wenden tot: to turn to (someone, something) [verb] [wendde, gewend].

3 thoughts on “Wennen

  1. Hi there! You guys have a such great site!
    I am curious when raken is used with wennen. I hear it but have no idea when to use it versus using aan. I can tell there is a difference because using the wrong one clearly sounds strange to people. The people I’ve asked are not sure of the real difference or “rule” that raken is used with. They, as native speakers, simply know when to use which one. Just hoping you guys had some insight.
    Thanks, and again, great work with this Website.

  2. Hi Vanessa,
    I think you mean the use of the verb “raken” in the expression “gewend raken aan”: “to get used to”.
    Examples of this usage are:
    – “Ik kan er niet aan gewend raken.”
    (“I can’t get used to it.”)
    – “Ik raak er maar niet aan gewend.”
    (“I just can’t get used to it.”)
    – “Ik ben er uiteindelijk gewend aan geraakt.”
    (“Eventually I got used to it.”)
    – “Je raakt nooit gewend aan het gemis van een dierbare.”
    (“One never gets used to the loss of a loved one.”)
    Note that you can also just say “wennen aan”, i.e. “Ik wen er maar niet aan.” … “Je went nooit aan …”
    Hope this helps 🙂

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