1. toddler Iconspeaker_3 Peuter
[de peu-ter, de peu-ters]

A "peuter" is a child from 1 year old until approximately three years old, i.e. the age that the child goes to kindergarten. From that point on they're called "kleuters".

The age barrier between "peuter" and "kleuter" is not very distinct, though. "Toddler" can be used as a translation for both "peuter" and "kleuter". Fact is that a "peuter" is younger than a "kleuter".

– "Kleine Luke is een heel leuke peuter!" 
("Little Luke is a very sweet toddler!" Lit.: "…a very nice toddler.")

– "Sara is een erg drukke peuter, dat belooft wat voor de pubertijd…" 
("Sara is a very active toddler, puberty will be a blast…" Lit.: "…that sounds promising for puberty.")

Related words:
– Baby: baby  [noun] [de baby, de baby's].
– Kinderopvang: children day care (center) [noun] [de kinderopvang, <no plural>].
– Kleuter: little boy/girl, infant, toddler [noun] [de kleuter, de kleuters].

– "Ik heb je hulp nodig!" – "Onzin, je bent toch geen kleuter?!"
("I need your help!" – "Nonsense, you're not a little boy, are you?!")

– Zuigeling: baby (lit.: suckling) [noun] [de zuigeling, de zuigelingen].

2. to pick one's nose, to fumble, to tinker, to tamper Iconspeaker_3
[peu-te-ren, peu-ter-de, h. ge-peu-terd]Neuspeuteren

"Peuteren" generally translates to "to fumble/tinker", but when applied to one's nose, the appropriate translation is "to pick one's nose". 

In case of nose picking, you can also use "neuspeuteren", but only as an infinitive. When conjugating, "peuteren" is usually combined with "in je neus" (in one's nose), see the Examples.

– "Frank houdt erg van neuspeuteren…" – "Waardeloos…" 
("Frank loves to pick his nose…" – "That sucks…")

– "Don peutert te pas en te onpas in zijn neus…" – "Een onverkwikkelijke situatie…" 
("Don picks his nose all the time…" – "An unpleasant situation…")

Related words:
Neus: nose [noun] [de neus, de neuzen].

– "Pardon, ik moet even mijn neus snuiten."
("Excuse me, I have to blow my nose.")

– Pietepeuterig: very detailed, finicky [adjective].
– Pulken: (syn. to "peuteren") to pick one's nose [verb] [pulken, pulkte, h. gepulkt].
– Snot: mucous [noun] [het snot, <no plural>].
Snuiten: to blow one's nose [verb] [snuiten, snoot, h. gesnoten].