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"Dom" can be used for the opposite of smart or intelligent ("slim" or "intelligent" in Dutch) and to describe naive or foolish people or behaviour. The comparative of "dom" is "dommer", its superlative is "domst". Dom2

– "Hij is geen genie, maar ik zou ook niet willen zeggen dat hij dom is ." 
("He’s not a genius, but I wouldn’t want to say he’s stupid either.")

– "Hij heeft uit woede zijn computer uit het raam gegooid; wat een domme actie!" 
("Out of anger he has thrown his computer out of the window; what a stupid thing to do!")

– "Wat is de domste opmerking die je ooit hebt gemaakt?" 
("What’s the stupidest remark you’ve ever made?")

– "Hij is niet zo dom als hij eruit ziet." 
("He’s not as silly as he looks.")

– "Dom blondje": dumb blonde.

– "Zij is echt geen dom blondje hoor, ze is cum laude afgestudeerd."
("She’s not a dumb blonde you know, she graduated cum laude.")

Related words:
– Slim: smart [adverb/adjective].Fotodom1_3
– Intelligent: intelligent [adverb/adjective].
– Naïef: naive [adverb/adjective].

"Dom" with a capital d has a totally different meaning; it refers to a cathedral. When Dutch people mention "De Dom" or "De Domtoren" ("the cathedral tower"), they are talking about the tower of the cathedral in Utrecht, located on Dom Square ("Domplein"). The immense nave of this cathedral was destroyed by a tornado in 1674 and never rebuilt; the Dom tower remains one of the main characteristics of the city of Utrecht, which is called the "Domstad" ("Cathedral city") for this reason. Check the (English) website for more information on the church. Every inhabitant of Utrecht knows the fifties’ classic "Als ik boven op de Dom sta.." ("If I’m standing on top of the Dom church.."). Check the Utrecht dialect lyrics here.