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"Rimpels" are "wrinkles", lines that appear on people’s faces when they grow older. The related adjective "gerimpeld" can refer to a wrinkled face, but also more generally, to a surface that has one or more ridges.

– "Mijn nieuwe dagcrème belooft dat rimpels tot de verleden tijd behoren." 
("My new daycream promises that wrinkles belong to the past.")

– "Ik kan zien dat je veel lacht: je hebt allemaal lachrimpeltjes om je ogen." 
("I can see that you laugh a lot: you have a lot of little wrinkles around your eyes from laughing.")

– "De oma had een rimpelloze huid na de botox-behandeling." 
("The grandma had a wrinkleless skin after the botox-treatment.")

– "Het nieuwe drankje "Fontein van de Jeugd" garandeert een rimpelloos bestaan." 
("The new potion "Fountain of Youth" guarantees a wrinkleless existence.")

– "De gerimpelde oude man zat glimlachend op een bankje in de zon." 
("The wrinkled old man sat smiling on a little bench in the sun.")

Related words:
– Plastische chirurgie: plastic surgery [noun] [de plastische chirurgie, <no plural>].
– Crème: cream [noun] [de crème, de crèmes].

2 thoughts on “Rimpel

  1. Hi, I love your blog, thanks!
    Just wanted to give you a more precise translation – lachrimpeltjes are “laughter lines” – so you can translate directly into English.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that there is a one-word (well, hyphenated) equivalent to lachrimpeltjes — laugh-lines (American) or laughter-lines (UK). Apparently this applies to the lines around the eyes and sometimes around the mouth.
    Another expression for lachrimpeltjes, but for just around the eyes, is “crow’s feet”.

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