onion [noun] [de ui, de uien]

This word, that is no more than a vowel sound, is notoriously difficult
to pronounce for the non-native speakers. Here you really have to ask
the local Dutch guru 🙂

1. "Uiensoep" : onion soup.
2. "Peen en uien" : carrot and onions (together with potatoes these are
the basic ingredients of a traditional Dutch winter dish called ‘hutspot‘).

Many Dutch words exist that have ‘ui’ as their core and I am sure we
will come across them in future DWOTDs. Here are a few examples so you can practise the ‘ui’ sound:
1. "Lui" : lazy.
2. "Uil" : owl.
3. "Trui" : sweater/jumper.
4. "Bui" : mood, rain shower.

"Hij was in een slechte bui vanwege de hevige buien."
("He was in a bad mood because of the severe(/heavy) rain showers.")