Grammar: <vis> [noun] [de <vis> -en, s -> ss].

HaringTranslates to: fish.

1. “Goudvis”: goldfish.

2. “Zwaardvis”: swordfish.

1. “Bakvis”: teenage girl.

2. “Achter het net vissen.”
(“To miss the boat.” Literally: “fish behind the net.”)

3. “Boter bij de vis.”
This expression is used to indicate you have to pay cash before the goods are handed over. Literally: “Butter with the fish.”

4. “Hij voelt zich als een vis in het water.”
(“He feels like a fish in water.”)

5. “De vis wordt duur betaald.”
(Literally: the fish is paid for dearly.”)
This is a classic Dutch saying used when you have to pay a lot for something that is not worth it. This saying became well-known when it was used in the Dutch play “Op hoop van zegen” (1900) by Herman Heijermans. In this play fishermen did not return to their village from their fishing trips. Hence the fish in the village was paid for dearly.

Read about the play “Op hoop van zegen”, or watch the movie: (in Dutch)