Grammar: <das> [noun] [de das, de dassen].

Translates to: tie, scarf, badger.

In the meaning of tie you will also see the word "stropdas" of which "das" is the more common short version.

A long time ago I went into a tie shop and asked for a black tie ("zwarte das"). The shop assistant replied that he had no ties. This was of course confusing. It turned out that my adolescent left-wing look made him think my request for a "das" was not for a "tie" but for a "scarf" 🙂

1. "Deze das past niet bij dit overhemd."
("This tie does not match this shirt.")

2. "Vlinderdas": bow tie (literally: butterfly tie).

1. "Jasje dasje".
Informal way to say that a jacket ("jas") and tie are required.

"Spijkerbroek of jasje dasje?"
("Jeans or jacket and tie?")

2. "Iemand de das omdoen."
("To finish someone." Literally: "to put a tie around someone’s neck" where "neck" is implied. However, there might be a connection with the meaning of the word "strop", see ‘Related words’.)

"Het wisselvallige weer deed hem de das om."
("The unstable weather finished him." In this context this implies that he fell ill.)

Related words:
1. "Knoop": (tie) knot.
2. "Strop": hangman’s rope, noose.

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