to chat, to chatter, to gossip, to talk nonsense/rubbish, to splash, to throw/hit with a splashing sound [verb] [kletste, gekletst]

Although “kletsen” has more than one meaning, it is mostly used as a form of talking.

1. “Laat ze maar kletsen.”
(<indifferently:> “Let them talk/gossip.”)

2. “Kinderen, niet kletsen in de klas! – sprak de juf.”
(“Children, no talking/chatting during class! – the teacher/nanny said.”)

3. “De regendruppels kletsten op de stoep.”
(“The raindrops were splashing on the pavement.”)

1. “Uit je nek kletsen.”: to talk nonsense. (Literally: to talk out of your neck).

“Frank zat weer behoorlijk uit z’n nek te kletsen tijdens de vergadering.”
(“Frank was really talking nonsense again during the meeting.”)

2. “Iemand de oren van het hoofd kletsen.”: to talk the hind leg off
a donkey / to talk really much. (Literally: to talk the ears off
someone’s head).

Related words:
1. “Bijkletsen” : to chat with a person in an informal way in order to update eachother on what has been going on in eachother’s lives (“to catch up”).

“We moeten binnenkort maar weer eens gezellig bijkletsen.”
(“We should catch up / have a nice little chit chat soon.”)

2. “Kletskous” : chatterbox, a person who is chatting/gossiping all the time. A “kous” is a “stocking”.

3. “Ouwehoeren”: to chatter / to go on, more or less synonymous to “kletsen” but very informal. (Literally: to old-whore…)

4. “Dijenkletser”: a really good joke. (Literally: a thigh splasher. Obviously it refers to the sound that is heard when you slap your upperlegs with your flat hands when hearing a really good joke…)