Grammar: <knokken> [verb] [knokte, h. geknokt].

Translates to: to fight (informal, also figurative).

1. “Er waren twee jongens op straat aan het knokken.”
(“There were two boys fighting in the street.”)

2. “Frank heeft hard moeten knokken voor zijn huidige functie.”
(“Frank has had to fight hard for his current position.”)

Related words:
1. “Knokkel”: knuckle (so “knokken” literally means something like “to knuckle”…)

“De knokkels van zijn samengebalde vuisten werden wit.”
(“The knuckles of his clenched fists became white.”)

2. “Knokpartij”: fight, scuffle.

“Na de voetbalwedstrijd waren er diverse knokpartijtjes.”
(“After the soccergame there were several small fights.”)

3. “Vuist”: fist.

“Knokke” is the name of a Belgian beach town, close to the border with the Netherlands. It is known for its exclusive and pricy villas and apartments which are often kept as a second house. Because of the many fashion stores, art galleries and restaurants, Knokke is also called “Petit Paris”.