cold [noun] [de verkoudheid, de verkoudheden]

The word "verkoudheid" is used for a person’s state of being ill due to the inflammation of the nasal membrane, as in "having a cold". The noun "cold" as the opposite of "heat", translates to "kou" while the adjective "cold" is translated with the adjective "koud".

The state of having a "verkoudheid" is also indicated with the adjective "verkouden", however in Dutch one uses the verb "zijn" ("to be"), see ‘Examples’.

Mark the plural form of "verkoudheid": words ending with "-heid" have their plural form ending with "-heden".

– "Ik heb vannacht nauwelijks geslapen door een zware verkoudheid."
("I barely slept last night due to a severe cold.")

– "Veel mensen zijn deze tijd verkouden."
("A lot of people have a cold these days.")

– "Heeft Frank de griep of gewoon een zware verkoudheid?"
("Does Frank have the flu or just a severe cold?")

Related words:
– "Ziek": ill, sick.
– "Griep": (the) flu.
– "Snotteren": to snivel, to sniff(le).
– "Snot": mucus, snot.
– "Niezen": to sneeze.