zebra/pedestrian crossing [noun] [het <zebra><pad>, de zebrapaden]

"Zebrapad" literally translates to "zebra path", but is often abbreviated to "zebra". This is the place where you are supposed to cross the roads in the Netherlands. However, jaywalking is common practice. Unless you ignore a red light, the police will not bother with you.
Also, drivers are supposed to give way to you when you are waiting at a "zebra" and "have the intention" to cross the road. Nowadays, it is common for pedestrians to wave a thank you at drivers as it is by no means normal anymore that they will stop for pedestrians.

– "Voetgangers behoren de weg over te steken bij een zebrapad."
("Pedestrians are required to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing.")

– "Automobilisten moeten voorrang verlenen aan voetgangers als deze de intentie hebben het zebrapad te betreden."
("Drivers have to give way to pedestrians when these intend to set foot onto the zebra crossing." Literally: "… when these have the intention to …")

Related words:
– "Voetganger": pedestrian.
– "Voetgangersoversteekplaats": crossing(-place), pedestrian crossing (literally: place for pedestrians to cross).