1. chest, breast [noun] [de borst, de borsten]

– "Borst vooruit!"
("Chest out! (Shoulders back!)")

– "Die bodybuilder heeft een erg brede borst.")
("That body-builder has a very broad chest.")

– "De vader hield zijn zoontje dicht tegen zijn borst gedrukt."
("The father clasped his (little) son close to his breast.")

Related words:
– "Borstkas": chest, thorax.
– "Borsthaar": chest hair. See also 126. Kruimeldief.

– "Zichzelf op de borst kloppen": to congratulate oneself, to boast (lit. to pat oneself on the chest).

– "Uit volle borst zingen": to sing lustily / on the top of one’s chest (lit. to sing out of full chest).

– "Maak je borst maar nat": you better get ready / roll your sleeves up! (lit. you got to wet your chest.)

– "Dat stuit mij tegen de borst": "that is repugnant to me / that
goes against the grain with me." (lit. that bounces against my chest.)

2. (female) breast [noun] [de borst, de borsten]

The plural ‘borsten’ also translates to ‘bosom’.

– "De jonge moeder gaf haar kind de borst."
("The young mother gave her child the breast / nursed her child / breast-fed her child.")

– "Een jaarlijks mammogram is een belangrijk wapen tegen borstkanker."
("An annual mammogram is an important weapon against breast cancer.")

– "Ben je een borstenman of meer een billenman?"
("Are you a boobs-man or more of an ass-man?")

Related words:
– "Buste": bosom (formal).
– "BH": <pronounce: ‘bee-haa’> bra (commonly used abbreviation for ‘bustehouder’ ("bosom keeper/supporter") ).
– "Boezem": bosom.
– "Tiet": tit, boob.
– "Tepel": nipple.
– "Borstvergroting": breast augmentation/enlargement.

You might overhear men say the following, implying a woman has big breasts:

– "Zij heeft een flinke bos hout voor de deur.": literally, "she has quite a big bundle of wood in front of her door".
– "Zij heeft een flinke voorgevel.": literally, "she has quite a big façade".