load of crap, bull(shit), crap [noun] [het gezeik, <no plural>] [‘gu-zeik‘]

In Dutch, "gezeik" does not have the strong vulgar connotation which "load of crap" or "bullshit" have in English. It does have a derogatory meaning though, and should only be used in informal situations.

The relate verb is "zeiken", which is more or less synonymous with "zeuren", but has a stronger derogatory connotation. "Zeiken" also has a literal meaning, which is: "to piss".

– "Wat een gezeik zeg!"
("What a load of crap!" This can sometimes also be translated with "what a fuss!")

– "Ik heb genoeg van jouw gezeik!"
("I’ve had enough of your bullshit!")

– "Ik kan dat gezeik van Frank tijdens vergaderingen niet uitstaan!"
("I cannot stand the load of crap coming from Frank during meetings!")

– "Ik moet dat gezeik niet!"
("Don’t give me that crap!" Lit.: "I must not (have) that crap!")

– "Lig toch niet zo te zeiken!"
("Stop moaning / harping on like that!" Note that "lig" is not used to indicate the activity of lying, but merely to indicate a continuing action, in this case "zeiken".)

– "Al dat bier…ik ga even zeiken…"
("All that beer…I’m going to take a piss/leak now…")

– "Ik ga even naar mijn eigen gezeik luisteren."
("I’m going to listen to my own whining/bullshit now." Lit.: "I’m going to listen to my own pissing." This is a pun that is only used by men (we think). For example, you can say it when you are in a discussion and you have to go to the toilet/bathroom. It is of course very informal!)

– "Geen gezeik, iedereen rijk!": "No bullshit, everybody rich!" This is a slogan that was part of the campaign for the fictitious political party "De Tegenpartij" ("The Contra Party"), founded in 1980 by the two characters "Jacobse & Van Es", played by the famous Dutch comedians/writers Kees van Kooten and Wim de Bie, who formed the duo "Van Kooten & De Bie". The peak of their careers is now over, but they are still active and very well known for their work from the 70s and 80s.

Related words:
– "Zeikerd": bugger, bore [noun].
– "Zeuren": to nag. to whine.
– "Klagen": to complain.
– "Mopperen": to grumble.