272. Boer

1. farmer, peasant [noun] [de boer, de boeren] [‘boer‘]

The most straightforward translation of "boer" would be "farmer" or "peasant". However, "boer" is also frequently used to denote a rude person, but this only applies to males; see the Examples. A female farmer is called a "boerin" in Dutch.

In the game of cards, "boer" is used for the jack.

In South-Africa the word "Boer" has a broader meaning, but it is derived from the Dutch settlers (who apparantly brought farming to the area). Read more at wikipedia.

– "Het aantal boeren in Nederland is sterk gedaald de laatste 25 jaar."
("The number of farmers in the Netherlands has decreased significantly in the past 25 years.")

– "Zijn er tegenwoordig nog jongens en meisje die boer of boerin willen worden?"
("Are there still boys and girls who want to become a farmer nowadays?")

– "In de Middeleeuwen werkten de boeren vaak in dienst van de adel."
("In the Middle Ages, peasants often worked for the benefit of the nobility." Literally "…worked in service of…")

– "Frank gedroeg zich weer als een enorme boer tijdens de vergadering."
("Frank was very rude again during the meeting." Lit.: "Frank was behaving himself like an enormous farmer again during the meeting.")

– "Wat de boer niet kent, dat eet hij niet": literally "What the farmer does not know, he does not eat" this is used for people who are afraid to try out new food or believe that it will not be tasty.

– "Lachen als een boer met kiespijn": literally "to smile like a farmer with toothache" this is used for people that smile while trying to hide the fact that they are actually not amused.

Related words:
– "Landbouwer": farmer, cultivator (lit. "land builder").
– "Agrariër": farmer.
– "Landbouw": agriculture.
– "Knecht": farm-hand, labourer.
– "Vee": cattle.
– "Koe": cow.
– "Boer": jack (in the game of cards).

1. The last two years, a new Dutch TV show became very popular: "Boer zoekt vrouw",
lit.: "farmer seeks wife/woman". And yes, this show was about single
farmers being matched with women who are prepared to make the ultimate
switch in life: to become a farmer’s wife…Boern_yoghurt_2

2. In the Netherlands
farmers are notoriously known for their accent, especially if they are
from the east or north. Where the majority of the Dutch do not pronounce the
‘n’, if a word ends in ‘-en’, these farmers leave out the ‘e’ and
pronounce the ‘n’, which is a distinctive difference. In Dutch
supermarkets you can find the "Boer’n yoghurt"
branded yoghurt which you may also find in Dutch company cafetarias in
smaller packings. The ‘e’ is deliberately replaced by an apostrophe
here and the manufacturer is actually mocking the ones without whom he
can’t produce his yoghurt!!

3. The football/soccer club "De Graafschap" from the town of Doetinchem (located in the Achterhoek, an area in the far east of the Netherlands) has an enthusiastic group of supporters who call themselves "superboeren" (self-mockingly!).

2. burp, belch [noun] [de boer, de boeren] [‘boer’]

Although burping is considered rude behaviour, this is probably not why the Dutch have chosen "boer" to describe a burp 🙂 There’s also a related verb "boeren": to burp/belch. You may also see the construction "een boer laten": to burp (lit.: to let (out) a burp.)

– "Ik moet een boer laten van al die cola."
("All that coke makes me burp." Lit.: I have to let a burp from all that coke." Of course we mean the drink :-))

Related words:
– "Scheet": fart.

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