1. foolish, crazy, daft [adjective/adverb] [‘dwaas‘]

Yesterday the “drie dwaze dagen” started at the “Bijenkorf” department store in the Netherlands. During these “three crazy days” the standard collection is replaced with special sales items, sometimes going away with huge discounts. For each day there is a separate booklet with sales items. (In 2015 the Bijenkorf abandoned the “drie dwaze dagen” as it no longer fits in their vision of exclusive luxury.)

It can indeed get crazy during the “drie dwaze dagen”, when people queue up in front of the stores at 8 in the morning, then rushing to be the first to reach the objects of their desire.

“Dwaas” can also be a noun, see translation 2 below. A more common word for foolish or crazy is “gek”, see 111. Gek. In the “drie dwaze dagen” it is obviously chosen for the purpose of alliteration.

– “Gisteren zijn de drie dwaze dagen van start gegaan bij de Bijenkorf, met veel interessante aanbiedingen.”
(“Yesterday the “drie dwaze dagen” started at the Bijenkorf, with many interesting offers.” The expression “van start gaan” can by replaced by the simpler “starten” if you like.)

– “De dwaze actie van de verdediger werd door de scheidsrechter met een penalty bestraft.”
(“The foolish move by the defender was punished by the referee with a penalty kick.” In Dutch football/soccer jargon you will both encounter “penalty” and “strafschop” – the literal translation of penalty kick. The less brilliant will pronounce “penalty” the Dutch way, with the emphasis on the second syllable.)

 Related words:
– “Bijenkorf”: beehive.
– “Gek”: crazy, mad.
– “Gestoord”: mentally disturbed, insane.

2. fool, idiot [noun] [de dwaas, de dwazen] [‘dwaas‘]

– “Luister B.A., we moeten het vliegtuig in!” – “Nee Murdock, dwaas, ik ga zeker weten niet vliegen!”
(“Listen B.A., we have to get onto the plane!” – “No Murdock you fool, no way I’m going to fly!)

– “Hé dwaas, kun je niet uitkijken ofzo!”
(“Hey fool, why don’t you watch out!” Literally: “… can you not watch out or something!”)

 Related words:
– “Gek”: fool [noun].
– “Gestoorde”: mentally deranged [noun].

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