286. Wegbonjouren

to send (someone) packing/away, to get rid of somebody, to kick (someone) out  [verb] [bonjourde weg, weggebonjourd] [‘weg-bon-zjoe-run’]

To all French readers: yes, there is the word "bonjour" in "wegbonjouren". Quite a few French words are used regularly in Dutch, but "bonjour" itself is not common although you might find it in the dictionary.

We created a verb by adding -en: "bonjouren" and it can mean "to greet", but then this is never used either :-) However, "wegbonjouren" you may encounter. "Weg" means "away" and so this verb is used to informally say that someone is sent packing/away or just plainly "kicked out".

- "Reeds na twee dagen werd de stagair door zijn baas weggebonjourd."
("Already after two days, the intern was sent packing by his boss.")

- "De buurman is weer op de koffie… Het lukt me nooit hem weg te bonjouren!"
("The neighbour is over for coffee again… I never succeed in just sending him away!")

- "Daar heb je die glazenwasser weer. Kun jij hem even wegbonjouren?"
("There is that window-cleaner again. Can you get rid of him?")

- "Na de vergadering heeft Frank de twee consultants nog voor de lunch weten weg te bonjouren."
("After the meeting Frank was able to send the consultants away before lunch." This sentence shows an interesting example of the usage of "weten". Usually this means "to know", but can mean "to be able to" in constructions with "hebben" + "weten" + "te" + "infinitive".)

- "Gisteren liep ik over straat en werd ik lastiggevallen door een zwerver, maar de politie bonjourde hem weg."
("Yesterday I was walking down the street and was bothered by a bum/tramp, but the police sent him away." Note that "lastiggevallen" is the past participle of "lastigvallen".)

Related word:
- "Wegsturen": to send away (somebody).

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