288. Sjouwen

to lug, drag, carry, haul [verb] [sjouwde, gesjouwd] [‘sjou-wun’]

"Sjouwen" is to carry with a lot of effort and possibly difficulty. It implies that whatever you carry is heavy.

– "Kun je mij aanstaande zaterdag helpen met het sjouwen van een paar dozen?"
("Can you help me haul a few boxes this coming Saturday?" )

– "Ga je even mee naar de supermarkt? Anders moet ik zo sjouwen met al die tassen."
("Will you come with me to the supermarket? If not, I have to lug all the bags (so much)." Literally:"… with all those bags." To our German readers: don’t mistake "tas" for "Tasse" (like we do when we try to speak German 😉 ).)

Related words:

– "Rondsjouwen": to drag about/around, to lug around.
– "Slepen": to drag, lug, or to tow.
– "Tillen": to carry.