climate neutral [adjective] [‘klie-maat-neu-traal‘]

Klimaatneutraal_1The use of the word “klimaatneutraal” has become very popular this year. In fact, it has become so popular in the Dutch language that it has been nominated for “Woord van het jaar 2007” (Word of the year 2007).

The term “klimaatneutraal” is used to qualify products and organizations that do not have a negative impact on our climate by not producing gases that cause global warming, such as CO2, or by compensating these gases, for example by planting trees.

“Klimaatneutraal” is composed of “klimaat” and “neutraal”, which translates to “climate/clime” and “neutral” respectively.

– ” ‘Klimaatneutraal’ is genomineerd voor het Woord van het jaar 2007.”
(” ‘Klimaatneutraal’ has been nominated for the Word of the year 2007.”)

– “Sinds de film van Al Gore zijn woorden als ‘CO2-uitstoot’ en ‘klimaatneutraal’ erg populair geworden.”
(“Since Al Gore’s movie, words such as ‘CO2 emission’ and ‘climate neutral’ have become very popular.”)

– “Bent u al klimaatneutraal? Vraag nu subsidie aan bij de overheid om uw huis te isoleren!”
(“Are you climate neutral already? Apply now for a government subsidy to insulate your house!” Note the use of the verb “aanvragen”: to apply for.)

Related words:
– “Klimaat”: climate, clime.
– “Neutraal”: neutral.
– “Weer“: weather.
– “Broeikaseffect”: greenhouse effect, global warming.