336. Het moet niet gekker worden

This is ridiculous / This is over the top / That’s the limit / This has to stop … [Dutch phrase of the week]

This phrase is a bit difficult to translate. Literally it says: "It must not get any crazier", where "gek" translates to "crazy" or "weird". The Dutch use it to express indignation or disbelief in response to hearing something that is just not right (in the opinion of the speaker) or beyond what can be reasonably (morally, ethically) expected.

– "De prijs van de strippenkaart is weer verhoogd, het moet niet gekker worden!"
("The price of the "strippenkaart" has increased again, this has to stop!")

– "Heb je gehoord dat het niet meer is toegestaan om in de horeca te roken? Het moet niet gekker worden!"
("Have you heard that it is no longer allowed to smoke in bars/pubs and restaurants? That’s over the top!" Hear the word "horeca" is an abbreviation for "hotel, restaurant & café" and is commonly used to denote that branch.)

– "Het moet niet gekker worden met de files in Nederland, dit kost kapitalen!"
("The issue with the traffic jams in the Netherlands just has to be solved, this is costing a fortune!")

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  1. This is a fantastic blog for people like me that are trying to learn dutch: thank you.

  2. Leuke web site! Al hoewel ik een hollandse ben, wist ik niet meer hoe je “Anthusiast” moest spellen. Zo kwam op deze web site terecht! Heel hartelijk bedankt! Madeleine

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