356. Klokhuis

core (apple, pear) [noun] [het klokhuis, de klokhuizen] [‘klok-huis’]

Klokhuis"Klokhuis" is a bit of a misleading word as it is composed of "klok" – "clock", and "huis
– "house". And, it might not be a word you’ll use daily – this we’ll
admit. However, it is also the name of a famous Dutch tv programme for

"Het Klokhuis" is a popular programme because of
its mix of informative themes and sketches brought in a light way. It is celebrating
its 20th anniversary this year and is therefore not only well known by children but also by adults like us
(early thirties that is 😉 ). Recently "Het Klokhuis" was looking for
a new host for the show and immediately 600 people applied for the job (which is a large number
in the Netherlands).

As "Het Klokhuis" is made for children, the level of Dutch might be
accessible to those of you learning Dutch. A reader of the DWOTD
recommends this tv programme for that purpose. So if you can receive Dutch tv
broadcasts, check it out, on weekdays at "Nederland 3" from 6.25 – 6.45 PM.

– "Ik eet het klokhuis nooit op, jij wel?"
("I never eat the core (of an apple/pear), do you?")

– "Wil jij je moeder helpen met het verwijderen van de klokhuizen; zij wil een appeltaart maken."
("Would you please help your mother with coring the apples, she wants to make apple pie." Literally "… removing the cores".)

– "Kijk jij wel eens naar "Het Klokhuis"? – "Nou, eigenlijk niet. Vroeger wel, toen ik klein was."
("Do you watch "Het Klokhuis" (from time to time)?" – "Well, actually, no. I used to, when I was young." In this example "eigenlijk" is a bit like "to be honest". Also, note the use of "vroeger" and "klein".)