jumper/sweater/pullover/jersey [noun] [de trui, de truien] [‘trui‘] Iconspeaker_3

"trui" is just a "trui" in Dutch, so we often find it difficult which
of the above translations to use. However, if it looks more like a
sports type sweater, we say "sweater" 🙂

"Trui" is difficult to pronounce, no matter where you are from it seems; listen to the audio-file to get a clue!

"Leuke trui! Nieuw?"
("Nice pullover! New?")

"Ik doe m’n trui uit, ik stik van de warmte!"
("I’m taking off my jumper, I’m sweltering!" Lit: "…, I’m suffocating because of the heat.")

– "Mijn oma heeft voor mij een trui gebreid, maar ik draag hem nooit omdat hij kriebelt."
("My grandmother has knitted a pullover for me, but I never wear it
because it itches." Instead of "kriebelen" you can also use "jeuken",
the general verb for ‘to itch’.)

– "Welke trui zal ik vandaag aantrekken?" – "Dat moet je zelf weten, maar ik vind de gestreepte het leukst."
("Which jersey shall I put on today?" – "That’s up to you, but I prefer
the one with the stripes." Literally: "… – That you must know
yourself, but I find the striped one the nicest." Instead of the verb
"aantrekken" you will also hear "aandoen" – the opposites are
"uittrekken" and "uitdoen".)

Related words:
– "Vest": cardigan.
– "Sweater": sweater.
– "T-shirt": t-shirt.
– "Overhemd": (good/dress) shirt.