changing room, changeroom, locker room, dressing room [noun] [de kleedkamer, de kleedkamers] [‘kleed-kaa-mur’] Iconspeaker_3

word "kleedkamer" is used for any type of changing room. However, there
are some subtleties. In general a "kleedkamer" is meant for a group of
people, usually in sports. But a theatre also has "kleedkamers" even
though there might be only one performer. If you go to a clothing store
and want to try something on, you will ask where to find the "paskamer"
or "het pashokje". But if you go to the swimming pool, you can usually
choose between the "kleedkamer" and a "kleedhokje": a one person
changing cubicle.
Note that "kleed" is derived from "kleden" (to dress) and "pas" from "passen" (to fit, to try on).

In football, there is the common expression "een speler naar de
kleedkamer sturen": to send a player to the changing room, i.e. "to
send a player off". And that’s how I got to this word in the first
place 🙂

Instead of "kleedkamer" you may also hear "kleedruimte".

"De speler werd naar de kleedkamer gestuurd vanwege commentaar op de scheidsrechter."
("The player was sent off because of criticising the referee." Lit. "… of criticism on the referee.")

– "Als ik naar het zwembad ga laat ik mijn kleren nooit achter in de kleedkamer, want dan worden ze gestolen."
("When I go to the swimming pool, I never leave my clothes behind in the changing room, because then they will be stolen.")

– "Het lukte de twee tienermeisjes om na afloop van het concert van Ricky Martin, de kleedkamer van de zanger te bereiken."
("After the concert by Ricky Martin, the two teenage girls
succeeded in reaching the artist’s dressing room." A "zanger" is
actually a "singer", but "to sing" is "zingen".)

Related words:
– "Aankleden": to put clothes on.
– "Verkleden": to change (one’s clothing).
– "Kleren": clothes, clothing.
– "Douchen": to shower.
– "De handdoek": towel.
– "Het kluisje": locker (lit. small safe).

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