thing [noun] [het ding, de dingen] Iconspeaker_klein_2

The use of “ding” in Dutch is almost identical as the use of “thing” English.

– “Zie je dat rare ding? Wat is dat?”
(“Do you see that funny thing? What’s that?”)

– “Ik heb veel dingen gezien, maar dit slaat nergens op!”
(“I’ve seen many things, but this makes no sense at all!”)

– “Doe je ding!”
(“Do your thing!”)

– “Dat meisje is helemaal doorweekt.” – “Arm ding.”
(“That girl is completely soaked.” – “Poor thing.”)

– “Lekker ding”: hot little thing, (hot) babe.

– “Hee lekker ding, wil je met me dansen?”
(“Hey babe, do you wanna dance with me?”)

– “Het zijn de kleine dingen die het doen”: The difference is in the little things.
– “<verzuchtend:> Dat zijn van die dingen…”: <sighing:> These things…

Related words:
– “Zaak”: case, affair [noun] [de zaak, de zaken].
– “Dinges/Dingetje”: what’s his/her name? [Used when you can’t think of someone’s name, see this funny Dutch commercial)

In early nineties Dutch artist “Dingetje” (lit.: little thing) scored a modest hit with the song “Kaplaarzen” (jackboots). The song is (supposed to be) funny, because the lyrics are pretty stupid (about the purchase of a pair of jackboots), whereas the music has a tough housebeat accompanying a moaning woman….ah well….the nineties…:-)

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