whipped cream [noun] [de slagroom, no plural] Iconspeaker_3

"Slagroom" is composed of "slag" and "room", which translated to "whip/strike/hit" and "cream" respectively. Slagroom

– "Wilt u slagroom op uw appeltaart?" 
("Would you like to have whipped cream on your apple pie?")

– "Heb je zin in warme chocolade(melk)? Zo ja, met of zonder slagroom?"
("Would you like to have some hot chocolate? If yes, with or without whipped cream?")

– "Marc, zal ik de slagroom even halen?…"  – "Oelalaaa…jaaaa…"
("Marc, shall I go and get the wipped cream?…" – "Ou la laaaa…yesssss…")

– "Die sjaal maakt het helemaal af! Het is de slagroom op de taart!"
("That scarf just finishes it! It’s the icing on the cake!" See also Expressions.)

– "De slagroom op de taart": the icing on the cake. You may also hear "de kers op de taart": the cherry on top.

Related words:
– Melk: milk [noun] [de melk, no plural].
– Zuivel: dairy [noun] [de zuivel, no plural].
– Slaan: to hit [verb] [sloeg, geslagen].
– Slag: hit, strike, whip [noun] [de slag, de slagen].
– Room: cream [noun] [de room, no plural].

A very popular cake in the Netherlands is the "slagroomtaart". Perhaps it is even the default cake for birthdays. That’s why it has the nickname "de taart der taarten": ‘the cake of all cakes’, which by the way is also an example of the rare usage of the genitive case in Dutch. Go wild and make your own "slagroomtaart" following this site’s recipes.