1. scary, creepy [adjective] [eng] Iconspeaker_3

“Eng” is a homonym: it has multiple meanings, thus multiple translations. First translation is “scary/creepy”, second translation is “narrow/tight”, see 2.

– “Ik houd niet van griezelfilms, veel te eng.” 
(“I don’t like horror movies, way too scary.”)

– “Die billenknijper is zo’n enge man, het is verschrikkelijk.”
(“That bottom squeezer is such a creepy man, it’s awful.”)

– “Ik durf niet te kijken, wat een enge scene…”
(“I’m too scared to watch, what a scary movie scene.” Lit.: “I don’t dare to watch…”)

– “Zich een hoedje schrikken”: to be scared out of one’s wits.

Related words:
Schrikken: to be scared [verb] [schrok, geschrokken].
– Akelig: scary, nasty [adjective].

One of the first big Dutch “scary movies” was Amsterdamned. It’s about a maniac scuba diver who is on a mad rage killing people in the Amsterdam canals….Actually it’s very outdated now, but still fun to watch 🙂

2. narrow, tight [adjective] [eng] Iconspeaker_3

In this context, “eng” is used to qualify a lack of space: the lack of space in a pair of trousers, or the lack of space in small street.

When used in reference to a pair of trousers, you may hear “strak” more often.

– “Dit straatje is veel te eng voor een auto, draai maar om.” 
(“This little street is way too narrow for a car, just turn around.”)

– “Vermijd dit enge steegje ‘s nachts…het is een redelijk enge plek als het donker is.”
(“Avoid this narrow alley at night…it is a pretty creepy place when it’s dark.”)

– “Ik krijg geen lucht…deze spijkerbroek zit veel te eng.”
(“I can’t get any air…these jeans are much too tight.”)

– “Frank heeft zo’n enge visie op het leven: werken, eten, slapen…werken, eten, slapen…”
(“Frank has such a narrow-minded vision on life: work, eat, sleep…work, eat, sleep…”)

Related words:
– Strak: tight [adjective].
Klein: small [adjective].