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[het de-tail, de de-tails]

The only detail worth mentioning here is the pronunciation of the word "detail". Due to the "ai" sound, the "l" kind of turns into a "j". Listen to Marc giving it a try as soon as the audio is available 🙂

– "Ach man, dat zijn toch allemaal details, waar maak je je druk om!"  Amsterdamhouses
("Man, those are all just details, what are you so worried about!")

– "Sander is gek op al de details die oude Amsterdamse huizen hebben." 
("Sander really likes all the details that old Amsterdam houses have.")

– "Is Sarah in Oslo of in Lillehammer?" – "Wat maakt het uit, dat is slechts een detail!"
("Is Sarah in Oslo or in Lillehammer?" – "Whatever, that’s just a detail!")

– "Hij richt zich altijd op de technische details van een oplossing en nooit op het grotere plaatje." 
("He always focuses on the technical details of a solution and never on the bigger picture.")

– "Wie, Frank? Nee die geeft inderdaad niet om details, dat kun je wel zien aan zijn voorkomen." 
("Who, Frank? No, clearly he doesn’t care about details, you can tell from his appearance.")

– "In grote lijnen": on the whole, broadly speaking.
– "Oog hebben voor detail": to have an eye for detail.
– "High level": high level. One of the many English management expressions that have been incorporated into Dutch office jargon.

Related words:
– Gedetailleerd: detailed [adjective/adverb].
– Helicopterview: helicopter view [noun].
Mierenneuken: to nitpick [verb] [mierenneukte, gemierenneukt].

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  1. anyone know how or if i can just say ‘details, details’
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