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"Hilarisch" is used the same way in Dutch as "hilarious" in English, yet it seems we only use it when something is really hilarious (as in "extremely funny"). When something is "very funny" it is more common to say "(heel) erg grappig" ("really very funny"), "ontzettend grappig" ("incredibly funny") etc.

Note that one pronounces the ending ‘-isch’ as ‘-ies’.

– "Het is hilarisch om te zien hoe sommige mensen afgaan bij de Idols audities." 
("It’s hilarious to see how some people humiliate themselves at the Idols auditions.")

– "Hilarisch? Nee hilarisch zou ik het niet willen noemen, eerder zielig." 
("Hilarious? No, I wouldn’t call it hilarious, I’d rather call it pathetic.")

– "Hoe was de comedyshow in het Comedy Theater?"- "Erg goed, sommige van die gasten zijn echt hilarisch!" 
("How was the comedy show in ‘Comedy Theater’?" – "Very good, some of those guys are really hilarious!")

– "Lachen, gieren, brullen": literally "laughing, screaming, roaring" this is used to say you had a really good laugh. Often also used ironically.

– "Hoe was de nieuwe film met Mr. Bean?"- "Nou, het was weer lachen, gieren, brullen. Maar niet heus."
("How was the new Mr. Bean movie?" – "Well, once again it was really funny. Not…")

– "Buikpijn hebben van het lachen": literally "to have stomachache because of laughing" you say this when you really have or had to laugh hard because of something.

Related words:
– Grappig: funny, amusing [adjective/adverb].
– Komisch: comical, funny [adjective/adverb].