to piss off, to get lost, to bugger off, to f*ck off Iconspeaker_3
[op-zou-ten. zout-te op, i./h/ op-ge-zou-ten]Opzouten

"Opzouten" literally translates to "to salt up", hence "to salt(-cure)" or "to pickle". It was used to refer to the activity of salting or pickling fish (herring specifically) in order to store it without going bad. Actually, it was the Dutch who invented the "haringkaken": gibbing

Nowadays, "opzouten" is mostly used as a vulgar exclamation to tell someone to go away.

– "Dit heeft totaal geen nut, opzouten met die onzin!" 
("This is absolutely useless, piss of with that nonsense.")

– "Ik heb goede mensen nodig, praatjesmakers kunnen opzouten." 
("I need good people, boasters can get lost.")

– "Ik ben gekke Henkie niet! Zout maar op met je geouwehoer!!" 
("Do you think I'm stupid or what?! F*ck off with that bullshit!!")

– "Maak dat je wegkomt!": (lit.: make that you get away) get lost! <not vulgar>
– "Scheer je weg!": get lost! <not vulgar, even a bit corny>

See Extra for the more vulgar expressions 🙂

There are numerous vulgar ways in Dutch to tell someone to go away. Here are a few (use at own risk…):
– "Wegwezen!": (lit.): be gone!
– "Sodemieter op! / opsodemieteren!: piss off!
– "Flikker op!": (lit.) flicker up!
– "Donder op! / Opdonderen!": (lit.) thunder up!
– "Optyfen!": (lit.) tyfus up!
– "Pleur op! / Oppleuren!": (lit.) cast up!
– "Hoepel op! / Ophoepelen!": (lit.) hoop up!
– "Lazer op! / "Oplazeren!": (lit.) fall up!
– "Duvel op!": (lit.) devil up!
– "Kras op! / Opkrassen!": (lit.) scratch up!
– "Ga pleite!": (lit.) go be gone!
– "(Af)nokken!": (lit.:) go quit!
– "Smeer 'm!": (lit.) smear it!

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  1. ‘Wegwezen’ and ‘hoepel op’ aren’t any more vulgar than ‘maak dat je wegkomt’, IMO. Certainly much less so than ‘sodemieter op’ etc.!
    BTW, even though I’m a native speaker of Dutch, ‘opzouten’ isn’t in my active vocabulary, but I’ve always thought it meant ‘shut up’, rather than ‘go away’… Van Dale seems to agree with you though.

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