Quiz week 21


The quiz covers the past 5 DWOTD publications, anything that may be in there and anything that may be related 🙂

Question 1:
Listen once more to Glennis Grace's version of "Afscheid". Based on her accent, it is likely that Glennis Grace grew up in:

A. Amsterdam
B. Utrecht
C. Rotterdam
D. Den Haag

Question 2:
The Dutch word 'inzet' means:

A. Inset
B. Effort
C. Stake
D. All of the above

Question 3:
Which word is missing: "Elke … heeft een keerzijde."

A. Gebaar
B. Penning
C. Medaille
D. None of the above

Question 4:
When you are 'onderweg', you are:

A. On your way
C. Under the weather
D. All of the above

Question 5:
Which spelling is correct for the Dutch translation of "at any time":

A. Ter aller tijden
B. Te allen tijden
C. Te aller tijde
D. None of the above

Question 6:
Which translation is most correct when your Dutch neighbour says: "Ik hou niet van zoet op brood":

A. I don't like bread with soot.
B. I am not into sweet broads.
C. I don't like sandwiches with sweet fillings.
D. I don't like sweetbreads. 

Question 7:
You are helping out a detective who's trying to solve a murder. He asks you the following: "We hebben een dode man gevonden in zijn huis. Hij had geen kleren aan en was niet gewond. Hij is pas een uur dood. Er is ook niets gestolen. Er klopt iets niet… maar wat?" Aha… so what seems amiss here?

A. The man is probably not dead
B. The man's watch stopped 2 days earlier
C. The man's heart
D. The CD player had Michael Jackson's "Beat it" on repeat 

Question 8:
Which spelling is correct:

A. Zozoetjesaan
B. Zo zoetjesaan
C. Zo zoetjes aan
D. None of the above

Question 9:
In the video of Abel's song 'Onderweg', the girl who appears is:

A. Dutch singer Trijntje Oosterhuis.
B. Dutch actress Carice van Houten.
C. Former Dutch soap opera star and singer Katja Schuurman ('Goede tijden, slechte tijden')
D. Dutch singer/actress Birgit Schuurman (sister of Katja Schuurman)

Question 10:
Which word best fits in the sentence: "We hebben de dader gearresteerd. De gevonden vingerafdrukken kwamen met zijn vingerafdrukken …" 

A. Aan
B. Overeen
C. Voor
D. Tegen 

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