Grammar: <deksel> [noun] [de/het deksel, de deksels].

Translates to: lid, cover.

This Dutch word of the day is a special one and will free you of all your doubts and uncertainties: you can either say "de deksel" or "het deksel" without changing the meaning!
More of such words exist in the Dutch language and we will come across them in future DWOTDs.

There is no preference for ‘de’ or ‘het’ and it is a matter of ‘personal taste’.

1. "Heb jij het deksel van de pan gezien?"
("Have you seen the lid of the pan?")

2. "De deksel van de vuilnisemmer past niet goed."
("The cover of the trash can/rubbish bin does not fit properly".)

1. "Op ieder potje past een dekseltje": literally "on every jar/pot fits a lid", it is meant as comforting to those who still have not found their significant other.

2. "Deksels!": (old fashioned (!) ) curse meant as an acceptable substitute for the more serious curses.