candle [noun] [de kaars, de kaarsen]

1. "De aangestoken kaarsen gaven het kerstdiner een romantische sfeer."
("The lit candles gave the christmas dinner a romantic touch/atmosphere.")

2. "Met slechts een kaars, doolde de prinses door het donkere kasteel."
("With only a candle, the princess wandered through the dark castle."

1. "Kaarsrecht": "Straight as an arrow" (literally: "candlestraight").

"De lasergestuurde raket vloog kaarsrecht op zijn doel af."
("The laser-guided missile headed (in a very) straight (line) for its target.")

2. "Zo iemand moet je met een kaarsje zoeken".
("You can count people like that on the fingers of one hand." Literally: "You have to look for a person like him/her with a little candle.")

3. "(Voor iemand) een kaarsje opsteken."
("To light a little candle (for somebody)." (for good luck/fate) )

Related words:
1. "Kandelaar": translates to "candlestick/candleholder/candlestand".
2. "Theelichtje" or "waxinelichtje": translates to "nightlight": a very small candle, often in an aluminum cup/holder.
3. "Doven": translates to "to extinguish / to put out".

In the old days, "theelichtjes" were mostly used to keep the tea warm. A "theelichtje" was placed into some kind of supporting frame with the tea pot on top, hence "theelichtje": "little tealight".