little quarrel/disagreement/conflict, little (unpleasant) incident Iconspeaker_3
[het ak-ke-fiet-je, de ak-ke-fiet-jes]

laundry-413688_640As you may have guessed, “akkefietje” is a diminutive form, and is always used as such. There’s no such thing as an “akkefiet”…

The etymology is a bit unclear, but is suspected that it originates from “acquavitje”, an ironical reference to the Latin “aqua vitae”: brandy (probably used to sooth the conflict…). “Akkefietje” nowadays translates tolittle quarrel/disagreement” or “little (unpleasant) incident”.

– “Ik zit niet te wachten op een akkefietje met Frank…opzouten!.” 
(“I’m not looking for a quarrel with Frank…beat it!”)

– “Ik had een akkefietje op de snelweg: een of andere idioot haalde me rechts in…” 
(“I had a little incident on the highway: some idiot overtook me on the right…”)

– “Derek heeft een akkefietje met zijn dochter, ze heeft een aarsgewei laten zetten…” 
(“Derek has a little conflict with his daughter, she had an ass-cap tattooed…”)

– “Met iemand in de clinch liggen”: to be in a disagreement/fight with someone.
– “Met iemand overhoop liggen”: to be in a disagreement/fight with someone.

Related words:
– Aanvaring: 1. quarrel, conflict [noun] [de aanvaring, de aanvaringen]. 2. crash, collision [noun] [de aanvaring, de aanvaringen].
– Conflict: conflict [noun] [het conflict, de conflicten].
– Ruzie: trouble, fight [noun] [de ruzie, de ruzies].

– “Hee makker, zoek je ruzie?”
(“Hey pal, are you looking for trouble?”)

Trammelant: trouble, hassle, fuss, fight [noun] [de trammelant, <no plural>].

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  1. Acquavite, indeed coming for Latin ‘water of life’, is also an existing Italian word for the generic distilled liquor, although it is especially meant as the spirit derived from grapes. The Dutch relatives are jenever and korenwijn, I don’t get it wrong. Anyway, try to swallow a glass of any of those and come back to me if you don’t feel that heated sour feeling you get during an akkerfietje.. 🙂

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