trouble, hassle, fuss, fight Click to listen
[de tram-me-lant, <no plural>]

There are a lot of Dutch words for 'trouble'. "Trammelant" is one. The use of "trammelant" is quite informal. See Extra for more synonyms. According to Genootschap Onze Taal (an association of devoted Dutch language lovers) "trammelant" originates from the French 'tremulant': trembling. A more formal synonym for "trammelant" would be "moeilijkheden": difficulties…

"Trammelant" can be used to refer to both the sounds or noise that is created by the trouble, and the actual trouble or fight itself. 

– "Sander, ik kan al een week niet printen. Wat een trammelant!" 
("Sander, I can't print for a week. What a fuss!")

– "Op de kermis van Tilburg heeft een billenknijper grote trammelant veroorzaakt." 
("On the Tilburg fair, a bottom squeezer has caused big trouble.")

– "Kijk die tortelduifjes…" – "Wacht maar totdat ze getrouwd zijn…niets dan trammelant." 
("Look at those lovebirds…" – "Just wait until they're married…nothing but trouble.")

– "Doe toch niet zo onnozel! Nu lach je, maar straks is er trammelant!" 
("Don't be so stupid! You're laughing now, but there will be trouble later!" Lit.: "Don't do/act so stupid…")

– "In de puree zitten": to be in trouble (lit.: to be in the mashed potatoes).
– "In de penarie zitten": to be in trouble.

– "Frank is helemaal blut. Hij zit financieel echt in de penarie."
("Frank is completely broke. He's really in trouble financially.")

Here's an (incomplete) list of synonyms for "trammelant":
Bonje, ellende, gedoe, gedonder, gelazer, heibel, herrie, kabaal, keet, lawaai, moeilijkheden, narigheid, paniek, rotzooi, ruzie, sores, stennis, stampij, and many more…