lettuce [noun] [de sla]

1. "Een krop sla": a head of lettuce.
2. "Koolsla": coleslaw.
3. "IJsbergsla": iceberg lettuce.
4. "Slasaus": salad dressing.
"Slasaus" is usually a bit of a thicker dressing. Normal dressing we would also call

Notice the influence of the Dutch language in examples 2. and 3.

Compare: "Salade".
"Salade" translates to salad. You use "salade" when you talk about a traditional salad,
i.e. lettuce mixed with vegetables or for example a Caesar salad.
However, sometimes, when you have a salad that more or less has not lost its native
‘leaves of lettuce look’ you can also still call it ‘sla’. An example would be ‘komkommersla’ (see DWOTD "Komkommer").
It is a vague distinction, even to Dutch people (as you might notice from my explanation),
but you can never go wrong by calling a salad "salade" and lettuce "sla".

Other examples of the use of the word "salade":
1. Some kinds of spread that you can put on sandwhiches or crackers. You can find them
in small packages in the super market. A well-known brand is "Johma".
2. Cold buffet type salad called "huzarensalade". Something like "Russian salad".