turn [noun] [de beurt, de beurten]

Here “turn” as in “it is your turn” is meant.

1. <shop attendant:> “Wie is er aan de beurt?”
(“Who’s turn is it?”).

2. <in a game> “Jij bent aan de beurt!”
(“It is your turn!”). This is often abbreviated to: “jij bent!”

3. “Beurt” has a specific meaning in the world of cars and car mechanics.
When you take your car to a car mechanic for a check-up, you can choose
the “kleine beurt” (partial check-up) or the “grote beurt”
(full check-up).

One thought on “Beurt

  1. 4. Giving someone a “beurt” = indulge into sexual intercourse.
    “I’d hit it” would be “Die zou ik een beurt geven”

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