(floor-)cloth, rag, mop, swab [noun] [de dweil, de dweilen]

The verb that goes with "dweil" is "dweilen", which translates to "to mop (down)".

"Dweil" is also used as a metaphor for a physically weak person or a mentally weak person (say, a loser).

– "Heb je een dweil in huis? Ik heb een glas wijn op de grond laten vallen."
("Do you have a mop (in your house)? I dropped a glas of wine on the floor." The expression "in huis hebben" ("to have in house") is used to say that something is present (in your house). In English you would not really use this.)

– "Door die verkoudheid voel ik me zo slap als een dweil."
("Due to that cold I feel really feeble." Literally: "…as flabby as a cloth.")

– "Heb je haar nieuwe vriend gezien? Wat een dweil is dat zeg…"
("Have you seen her new boyfriend? What a loser (is he, say)…")

– "Dat is dweilen met de kraan open": "That’s a waste of time and effort". Literally: "That’s mopping with the tap running".

Related words:
– "Dweilen": to mop (down).
– "Sopje": (soap)suds.