crossing, junction, intersection, crossroads [noun] [het kruispunt, de kruispunten]

A "kruis" is a "cross" and a "punt" a "point", hence "kruispunt" is the point at which a crossing occurs. A common synonym for "kruispunt" is "kruising". Do not confuse this with "kruisiging"; this translates to "crucifixion".

– "De stoplichten bij dit kruispunt zijn buiten werking."
("The traffic lights at this crossing are out of action.")

– "Rij deze straat uit, en ga linksaf bij het kruispunt."
("Drive to the end of this street and turn left at the intersection." Lit.: "Drive/ride this street out".)

– "Er is een ongeluk gebeurd op het kruispunt."
("There has been an accident at the intersection." Lit.: "There has happened an accident…")

– "Holland is een kruispunt van culturen."
("Holland is a crossroads of cultures." Here we have incorrectly used the name Holland as a synonym for the Netherlands. Follow the link for explanation.)

Related words:
– "Kruising": synonym for "kruispunt".
– "Rotonde": roundabout, traffic circle.