railway / railroad crossing [noun] [de spoorwegovergang, de spoorwegovergangen]

"Spoorwegovergang" is a good word for Scrabble 😉 It is built from several other words:
– "spoor": (t)rail;
– "weg": way/road;
– "overgang": transition, crossing, passage.

In the Netherlands there are two types of "spoorwegovergangen": the "onbewaakte spoorwegovergang" (ungated railroad crossing) and the "bewaakte spoorwegovergang" (gated railroad crossing). There are different road signs for an ungated and a gated railway crossing to alert traffic that a railroad crossing is ahead.

– "Vannacht is er een auto door een trein aangereden bij een onbewaakte spoorwegovergang."
("Last night, a car has been hit by a train at an ungated railway crossing." Literally: "…a car has been ridden into by a train…")

Bewspoorwegovergang–  "Bij een bewaakte spoorwegovergang zie je op een bord altijd de melding: ‘Wacht tot lichten gedoofd zijn, er kan nog een trein komen’."
("At a gated railway crossing, one always sees the following message on a road sign: ‘Wait until lights are out, another train may come’." Literally: "…’Wait until lights have been extinguished’…")
This road sign is referring to the red lights that will blink as long as the gates are not fully up. The blinking red lights are accompanied by the sound of a clinging bell. No one ever really waits until the gates are fully up again…
The word "overgang" (transition) is also used as a synonym for a woman’s menopause.
– "Tijdens de overgang hebben vrouwen vaak last van opvliegers."
("During menopause, women often have (hot) flushes/flashes." Literally: "…women are bothered/burdened with…")