viaduct, fly-over, overpass [noun] [het viaduct, de viaducten]

There is not much to elaborate on here, a viaduct is just a viaduct and a fly-over is just a fly-over 🙂 However, in the past 3 years or so there has been quite some discussion in the Netherlands on how to prevent people from throwing objects down on the motor ways; a few people were killed by bricks flying through the wind screen of their cars. Plan is to put up some cameras that are able to detect ‘abnormal’ activity.

– "De politie houdt vaak stiekem snelheidscontroles onder een viaduct."
("The police often secretly perform speed checks underneath a fly-over.")

– "Blijf de A4 volgen. Neem na het viaduct de eerste afslag richting Amsterdam."
("Keep on the A4. Take the first exit to Amsterdam after the viaduct." Literally: "Keep following the A4.")

– "Afgelopen weekend zijn twee jongeren gearresteerd na het gooien van bakstenen vanaf een viaduct."
("The past weekend, two adolescents have been arrested after they threw bricks off a viaduct." Literally: "… after the throwing of bricks…")

– "Om het gooien van stoeptegels te bemoeilijken, heeft het rijk besloten hekken te plaatsen op viaducten."
("In order to hinder the throwing of paving stones, the government has decided to erect fences at viaducts." Literally: "… to place fences…". When it concerns the authority "government" and not specifically the group of people in the government, the term "rijk" is used (a bit like "state"); quite often in the case of infrastructure. Mind that the adjective "rijk" translates to "rich".)