1. up, upstairs, on top [adverb]

– "Gaat deze lift naar boven of naar beneden?"
("Is this elevator going up or down?")

– "<Moeder tegen kind:> Naar boven jij!"
("<Mother to child:> Go upstairs, you!")

– "Oranje boven!"
("Go Holland!" Literally: "Orange on top!" A popular yell to cheer for the Dutch royal family.)

– "Zie je die vogel?" – "Waar?" – "Daar boven!"
("Do you see that bird?" – "Where?" – "Up there!")

2. on top of, above [preposition]

– "Sommige criminelen lijken boven de wet te staan."
("Some criminals seem to stand above the law.")

– "Er gaat niets boven een lekker witbiertje met dit mooie weer!"
("Nothing tastes better than a nice white beer in this beautiful weather." Literally: "There goes nothing above…" In spring and summer, white beer ("witbier") is very popular. Well-known brands are Hoegaarden and Wieckse Witte.)

– "Baas boven baas.": there is always somebody who is better or more succesful. Literally: "boss above boss."

– "Boven water zijn": literally "to be above water" this is commonly used when something or somebody was first lost and has now been found or has reappeared.

"De vermiste journalist is weer boven water."
("The missing journalist has reappeared.")

– "Boven Jan zijn.": to have recovered, to have dealt with all difficulties. We don’t know who "Jan" is in this expression 🙂

– "Er bovenop komen.": to recover, to overcome difficulties. Literally "to come on top".

"Ik ben de laatste tijd zo moe en gestresst!" – "Ach, je komt er wel weer bovenop!"
("Lately I have been so tired and stressed!" – "Ah, surely you will recover again!")