1. hon, honey, baby, darling [noun] [de schat, de schatten] [‘sgat‘]

Literally, “schat” means “treasure”, see 2. When used as a pet word, “schat” would be best translated with “hon” or “honey” in English, sometimes “darling”.
The diminutive form “schatje” is also often used, which would also be best translated with “honey” or “baby”.

– “Schat, ik ben thuis!”
(“Honey, I’m home!”)

– “Wat ben je toch een schat!”
(“You’re such a darling!”)

– “Hee schatje, heb je zin om met me te dansen?”
(“Hey baby, do you wanna dance with me?”)

– “Schat, wil je alsjeblieft opschieten? We zijn al een half uur te laat.”
(“Hon, will you please hurry, we’re already half an hour late.” Lit.: “…do you want to hurry please?…”)

Related words:
– “Schattebout”: sweetie pie. Lit.: treasure bolt.
– “Schattig”: sweet, lovely. Lit.: treasure-like.
– “Skatje”: baby. (Phonetic form of “schatje” pronounced with a French/Italian accent 😉 Street slang, no official spelling…)

2. treasure [noun] [de schat, de schatten] [‘sgat‘]

– “De piraten hadden de schat op een klein eiland verborgen”.
(“The pirates had hidden the treasure on a small island.”

– “Die man heeft een schat aan technische kennis, maar hij blijft contactgestoord.”
(“That man has a wealth of technical knowledhe, but he still is socially handicapped.” Lit.: “That man has a treasure on technical knowledge, but he still remains contact-disturbed.”)

There’s also a Dutch verb “schatten”, which is surprisingly not translated with “to treasure” but with “to estimate”.

“To treasure” is translated with “als een schat bewaren” (to keep like a treasure) or with “koesteren” (to cherish).

2 thoughts on “Schat

  1. Can anyone translate this please?
    hoe gaat zie dat jee en schatje heb hoop dat heet een leuke en goede meid is voor je!! wat leuk om te horen man!! kus kus

  2. @ Danielle
    I assume that this should read as follows:
    “Hoe gaat het? Ik zie dat je en schatje heb. Hoop dat het een leuke en goede meid is voor je!! Wat leuk om te horen, man!! kus kus.”
    In this case it translates as follows:
    “How’s it going? I see that you have a sweetheart. Hope that she’s a fun and good girl for you. Really great to hear, man. Kiss kiss.”
    In future, I suggest you try using

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