319. Taakstraf

community service [noun] [de taakstraf, de taakstraffen] [‘taak-straf’]

Dutch law allows a judge to impose punishment in the form of community service. The word "taakstraf" consists of "taak" and "straf". In general "straf" means "punishment", "penalty" or any other "disciplinary action". A "taak" is a "task", "duty" or "job". So basically a "taakstraf" is punishment in the form of some kind of duty.

– "De rechter legde de veroordeelde een taakstraf op."
("The judge imposed community service on the convicted person.")

– "Meneer, u kunt kiezen: of u betaalt de boete, of u gaat een week de cel in, of u krijgt een taakstraf van 240 uur. Zegt u het maar!"
("Sir, these are the options: either you pay the fine, or you will go to prison/jail for a week, or you will get community service for 240 hours. What will it be?!" Literally: "Sir, you can choose: …, or you will go into the cell for a week, … Please say it!")

Related words:
– "Taak": task, duty, (small) job.
– "Straf": punishment, penalty, disciplinary action.
– "Boete": fine, penalty.
– "Veroordeling": sentence, conviction.
– "Rechtbank": court of law/justice.