364. Visitekaartje

business card [noun] [het visitekaartje, de visitekaartjes] [‘vie-sie-tu-kaart-ju’]

"Visitekaartje" is composed of "visite" and "kaartje", which respectively translate to "visit" and "little card". Sometimes "visite" is left out, which would obviously translate to just "card".

"Visitekaartje" is also used in a figurative way: someone or something can be the "visitekaartje" of something, indicating a positive ambassador’s function, see the examples.

– "Sander heeft DWOTD visitekaartjes ontworpen."
("Sander has designed DWOTD business cards.")

– "Mag ik u mijn kaartje aanbieden?"
("Can I offer you my card?")

– "Ik heb geen visitekaartjes meer, waar kan ik die laten drukken?"
("I’m out of business cards, where can I have them printed?")

– "Het Lange Voorhout is een van de visitekaartjes van Den Haag."
("The Lange Voorhout is one of The Hague’s frontpieces/highlights.")

– "Je visitekaartje afgeven": literally to hand out your business card, this is said when you do something that makes you leave a good impression.

The DWOTD business card: highly popular collector’s item 🙂